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Training Sessions and Research Presentations were Successfully Organized at APAN57

The 57th Meeting of the Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN57) was organized by APAN and hosted by ThaiREN in Bangkok, Thailand, from the 29th of January to the 2nd of February 2024. APAN57 covered various topics, from groundbreaking technological advancements to solutions for critical global challenges.


More than 200 researchers, practitioners and policymakers from the Aisa Pacific economies and across the globe participated in this APAN57 Meeting.


The APNIC ISIF funded project “Developing a Collaborative BGP Routing Analyzing and Diagnosing Platform” announced the launch of Phase 2 of the project. Three sessions were organized during the meeting, including two training sessions and one research-sharing session:


1) Theory Training on BGPWatch: BGP Events Monitoring and Diagnosing Platform

2) Hands-on Training on BGPWatch: BGP Events Monitoring and Diagnosing Platform

3) Presentations on BGP Security Research


The theory training provided an overall view the BGPWatch platform, and the project progress. The Hands-On Training gave a step-by-step tutorial and allowed attendees to try out the BGPWatch platform. The chair of these two sessions was Bo Wang, and the speaker was Changqing An.


The BGP Security Research session comprised three presentations exploring BGP security from three different perspectives: establishing a more secure BGP security protocol, detecting BGP hiiacking incidents, and injecting sub-prefix hiiacking invisible to public monitors. The session chair was Changging An.


There were over 30 attendees joined for each of the three sessions. The attendees actively engaged in discussions and provided feedback during three sessions.

31 Jan, 2024