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Project Presentation at APRICOT2024

The project “Developing a Collaborative BGP Routing Analyzing and Diagnosing Platform” was presented during APRICOT2024. The presentation outlined the background and primary objectives of the project, explained BGP hijacking detection algorithm, and demonstrated the functions of the platform, including BGP prefix hijack detection, route path hijack detection, and increased event accuracy through data-plane detection. Moreover, future steps regarding the CGTF Looking Glass platform were shared during the presentation.

Specifically, the platform assesses the severity of events, provides real-time responses, sends event warnings via email, and provides event replay capabilities, which are all designed to assist network operators effectively. Additionally, the platform has developed various tools useful for network operators to monitor the network.

The presentation was given by the technical leader of the project, Changqing An, from Tsinghua University. There were about 80 attendees joined and they shared their ideas and comments on the project.


Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT) 2024 was co-organized by the Asia Pacific Network Operators Group (APNOG) and Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), hosted by the Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand from 21 February to 1 March 2024. Over 1200 researchers, Internet engineers, operators, researchers, service providers, users and policy communities joined APRICOT2024.

01 Mar, 2024