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APNIC ISIF Project 2nd Phase – 1st Joint Committee Meeting

The first joint committee meeting of the second phase of our BGPWatch project was held on April 8th, 2024, organized by the executive team from Tsinghua University. 30 BGPWatch project partners and platform users from 14 organizations participated in the meeting to discuss project pervious activities, technical updates, and future plans.


During the meeting, as the agenda listed, Weiqi Zhao conducted a roll call and welcomed existing members and several new members. Following that, Professor Jilong Wang and Changqing An presented the coordination committee report and the technical committee report. Many attendees shared excellent ideas and suggestions regarding technical features and project development.


At the end of the technical committee report, Professor Changqing An introduced Source Address Validation (SAV) and outlined plans to conduct large-scale SAV deployment probing. We invite all partners to complete this survey to facilitate  the deployment.


Additionally, the proposal of applying for ISOC program to support future project was reported to all participants during the meeting, it was expressed that any more ideas and updates will be shared timely. For more information, please visit:, specifically the section titled “A Trustworthy Internet”. We welcome all partners and collaborators to join us and make efforts during the next phase.


The meeting agenda is shown below:

  1. Roll call and agenda bashing
  2. Project updates
    • Activity: APAN57, APRICOT24 presentation
    • Technical work: open source, open API
    • Reaching out: Catchpoint, RNP, RedCLARA, ErdemNet, etc.
  3. Proposed next steps
    • Technical: path hijack detection
    • Activity: presentation at TNC24, bilateral meetings 
  4. Discussions and suggestions
  5. AOB

08 Apr, 2024