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APNIC ISIF project

APNIC ISIF project

General Information


Developing a Collaborative BGP Routing Analyzing and Diagnosing Platform


Feb. 2022 – Aug. 2023


USD150,000 supported by APNIC ISIF Grant
USD69,660 in-kind contribution by Tsinghua University

How to participate:

This project is open to all NRENs in Asia Pacific region. Any NRENs are interested in this project, please send emails to the Project Office.

Background Information:

BGP is the key infrastructure of the Internet, this collaborative work by NRENs (National Research and Education Network) in Asia Pacific region is very important for enhancing the NRENs’ capacity of network operation and measurement in this region. The team members of this proposal are NREN organizations and several research universities.
The goal of this proposal is to collaborate with all possible NREN partners to establish a distributed BGP routing monitoring and looking glass probing platform in Asia Pacific region, monitoring the network operation status from the control plane and the data plane in the meantime. The achievements in another ongoing project collaborated by 23 organizations from 14 countries/economies are the developments of the small-scale looking glass platform and BGP routing collection platform. And the achievements will be expanded by this proposal.
Besides expanding the above platforms to wider community, this proposal will further expand the platform to a BGP hijacking detection and mitigation system, and to analyze the robustness of routing in Asia Pacific region and give suggestions on how to improve the reliability of Internet routing through cooperative interconnection. The knowledge can be shared globally.
This proposal was reviewed and approved by APNIC in Dec, 2021 and finalized the contract signing in Jan., 2022. The granted project was officially started on Feb.24, 2022. The first round of partner invitation has been done by arranging the bilateral meetings with NRENs in March and April in 2022. 20 organizations from 19 countries/economies in Asia Pacific Region and Europe have joined this project. The second round of partner invitations will be arranged in late 2022.
The formation of the Coordination Committee, the Technical Committee and the Project Executive Team was done in May based on the agreements among partners.