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Jie An


Jie An
(Tsinghua University)


Jie An has been working to enhance the international collaborations of China Education and Research Network(CERNET) since 1998 when she got her master degree of Computer Science at Beijing University of Science and Technology and started to work at Tsinghua University.

Jie An helped CERNET join APAN in 1999, and worked as the assistant of Prof.Jianping Wu, CERNET director, to expand and enhance CERNET international activities, including international projects, international conferences, and Prof.Wu’s responsibility of APAN vice chair and APAN chair from 1999 to 2013, etc.

Representing CERNET, Jie An has been working with the other NRENs and organizations for supporting the global NREN development. Jie An served as APNG secretary, CCIRN information officer of Asia Pacific, the APAN Working Group Chair, APAN Program Committee Chair and APAN Board director. And now she serve as the chair of Asi@Connect Steering Committee (2016~present).