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The Preparatory Meeting for the Project Review of the Joint IPv4/IPv6 Research Project was Held Successfully in May.

The Preparatory Meeting for the Project Review of the Joint IPv4/IPv6 Research Project was held from May 23rd to 26th, 2023. The representatives from six national education and research network organizations, including ThaiREN (Thailand), LEARN (Sri Lanka), BdREN (Bangladesh), PERN (Pakistan), NREN (Nepal), and DOST-ASTI (Philippines), along with 12 delegates from APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre), were invited by CERNET (China Education and Research Network) to participate in this project meeting.  The meeting aimed to encourage collaborative efforts in developing project synopses and preparing for the upcoming project review.


Timeline Activity Plan Chair Speaker
22 May (Monday)
22 May (Monday) The participants arrive in the Beijing Friendship Hotel. - -
23 May (Tuesday)
0930 - 1000 Registration - -
1000 - 1100 Topic: Project Overview and Discussion Jie An Jilong Wang
1130 - 1230 Topic: 6GAN: IPv6 Multi-Pattern Target Generation via Generative Adversarial Nets with Reinforcement Learning
Dan Wang Gaopeng Gou
Topic: Promoting Cyberspace Governance by Developing Cross-domain Collaboration Framework Hui Wang
1430 - 1530 Topic: SiamHaN: IPv6 Address Correlation Attacks on TLS Encrypted Traffic via Siamese Heterogeneous Graph Attention Network Changqing An Tianyu Cui
Topic: Network Traffic Classification with Federated Learning Dan Wang
1600 - 1700 Topic: Predicting Unseen Links Using Learning-based Matrix Completion
Changqing An Shuying Zhuang
Topic: Data Sharing -- from a Federated Learning Perspective Dandan Li
24 May (Wednesday)
0900 - 0915 Registration - -
0915 - 1045 Topic: The Related Internet Governance Issues in Thailand Han Liu Chalermpol Charnsripinyo
Topic: Internet Governance from Sri Lanka's Perspective Roshan G. Ragel
Topic: Internet Governance - Bangladesh Perspective Mohammad Tawrit
Topic: ASTI's Experience of Internet Governance Bayani Benjamin Lara
1100 - 1230 Topic: Chinese Conception of Cyber Sovereignty and Its Legal Framework Ge Jiang Han Liu
Topic: International Rule on Cyber Governance Pardis Moslemzadeh Tehrani
Topic: Regulatory and Policy Development and Coordination on Cyberspace: Experience from Thailand & Challenges to Traditional Regulations Bhumindr Butr-Indr
1400 - 1500 Topic: Detecting Fake AS-PATHs Based on Link Prediction Xiaohong Huang Chengwan Zhang
Topic: Outsourcing Mitigation against BGP Prefix Hijacking Man Zeng
1530 - 1700 Bilateral Meetings - -
1700 - 1730 The Wrap-up and Closing - -
25 May (Thursday)
DNSSEC Training
Trainer: Warren Finch (APNIC)
0830 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 1030 Review: Reverse DNS for IPv6 DNS Security
1100 - 1230 DNSSEC Technical Overview
1400 - 1530 Lab Part 1: DNSSEC Validation DNSSEC Signing
1600 - 1730 Lab Part 2: Manual DNSSEC Signing
Lab Part 3: Automatic DNSSEC Signing




Jilong Wang
Gaopeng Gou
Hui Wang
Tianyu Cui
Dan Wang
Shuying Zhuang
Dandan Li
Chalermpol Charnsripinyo
Roshan G. Ragel
Mohammad Tawrit
Bayani Benjamin Lara
Han Liu
Pardis Moslemzadeh Tehrani
Bhumindr Butr-Indr
Chengwan Zhang
Man Zeng
Warren Finch
Jie An
Changqing An
Ge Jiang
Xiaohong Huang